Dear Irondrake and Irondie followers,
We’ve got some new sculpts emerging from the molten metal cauldron, some news about upcoming games and dice as well as some amazing deals at our booth at the Essen SPIEL fair in October.

Over the last months, we have worked hard to complete our new miniatures range "Ironburst". The Ironburst line, along with a dedicated website, will be launched at the end of October and will have some exciting features, the main one being that all models are modular and can be reassembled prior to any battle. The game system includes rules about components like guns and turrets actually moving, rotating and even dropping off as the battle goes on! Wargaming rules conversion will be also scheduled to use Ironburst in a diorama environment ; Ironburst is easy to learn, but offers thousands of possibilities to build your force: from infantry units to walking tanks, you'll have plenty of ways to customize your army. Stay tuned for the launch, or come to the ESSEN SPIELE FAIR and grab the first models at a special price!

Ironcrux will also be released at the end of October: Ironcrux is a very quick, yet challenging abstract game, in which players "eat" part of the board to prevent their opponent(s) from being able to move. We will release 100 "Limited Edition" copies with a signed and numbered special collectors’ box and metal components.

Come and meet us in hall 1, booth 1G-129 at the ESSEN SPIELE FAIR in Germany to check out our special deals including the new "CARV" series dice and promotional prices on the entire dice range.